about us

We are a law firm specialized in criminal law.

We represent our clients in criminal investigations and lawsuits.

We also represent victims, adopting measures before the police authorities
and acting in criminal lawsuits as assistants to the prosecution.



We represent individuals and companies, charged for, suspects or victims of a crime, both in the litigation and the pre procedural phases (police investigations, criminal procedures and prosecutions), as well as providing advice and legal opinions.

We provide the most complete advisory and litigious legal support in criminal law.

• Alll crimes related to corporate activities;
• Return of attached or seized property due to criminal procedures;
• Fraud investigation and prevention;
• Crimes against the national financial system;
• Tax Crimes;
• Crimes against the stock market;
• Money laundering;
• Environmental crimes;
• Antitrust crimes;
• Crimes against the labor organization;
• Crimes against the consumer relations;
• Crimes against property;
• Unfair competition crimes;
• Crimes against intellectual or industrial property;
• Crimes against the public administration;
• Crimes against the Brazilian Traffic Code ;
• Electoral crimes;
• Crimes against public bids;
• Crimes against public health;
• Slander and Defamation;
• Crimes against the person;
• Criminal Misdemeanors.



I always wanted to be a criminal lawyer! Shortly after I entered law school at the University of São Paulo in 1990, I worked as an intern at a few law firms, but one of them struck me in particular. It was the internship with Adib Yazbek and his daughters, Selma and Eleonora. It was a civil law firm at Rua Riachuelo, in the Santa Francisca building, one of those old buildings downtown, where the elevators still have hinged manual doors. As Mr. Adib knew that I was very interested in criminal law, he asked Mr. Rafael Potenza for an internship. Mr. Potenza was a typical Italian man, extremely kind. He was a criminal lawyer and had an office in the same building. He won everybody over with his charisma. His fatherly style, gray hair, chubbiness and a big mustache on his face. However, he did not want an intern.

– Adib, I don’t like interns. I go to the courthouse by myself and handle things.

After some insistence, he agreed to let me accompany him on his trips to the police station and the Criminal Courthouse. For me, that was awesome, everything I ever wanted. I worked with Potenza for a short time, but it was enough to know that I had chosen the right field.


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